Nico Belletti

Owner / CF-L1 Trainer / HiiT Coach / Personal Trainer

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Born and raised in Milan, Italy, moved to the Us in 1997. Fitness has always been fundamental in my life, from Basketball to Giant Slalom competitions (skiing); from Beach Volleyball to CrossFit.
“ CrossFit improved my life and gave me even more structure in training. ”

Favorite movements: farmers carry, assault bike & pull ups.

Kriptonite: double unders.

Since finding CrossFit, I got healthier, stronger, and faster than I've ever been… 
My goal is to help my Athletes to improve their physical performance, health, and body composition. SOS 99 was developed and implemented by incorporating various vigorous exercise routines, coaching proper form and technique to help clients avoid exercise-related injuries. I believe that an healthy lifestyle requires a continuous and regulated fitness routine.

Vinny Paschoalini

CF-L1 Trainer / Weightlifting Coach ​/ Personal Trainer


I'm originally from Brazil. When I turned 14, I started to become very active, going fishing climbing trees, racing through the jungle at my dad’s farm, running hills with my friends, playing volleyball, horseback riding, jumping waterfalls. I loved (and still love) crazy adventures. Several years back, for various reasons, I stopped all those things I loved. It seemed as though my energy was always drained. One day a dear friend introduced me to CrossFit. I reluctantly went to my first class, and that one class was all I needed. I was hooked. The movements were just so interesting. From that day forward, I knew that CrossFit was exactly what I needed.

Favorite movements: snatches & clean and jerks.

Kriptonite: running, if it is for long distances.

My main focus is now on knowledge of sport and movement, coaching CrossFit and WeightLifting Competitions.

Kaitlyn Baker

CF-L1 Trainer / Personal Trainer

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For me fitness is being physically fit and healthy, all while having fun. “Surround yourself with positive people who are going to push you toward greatness” is one of my favorite quotes.

Favorite movements: power cleans & double unders.

Kryptonite: running, running and more running.

I like to coach Crossfit because I love to see people grow and get healthier and generally better.

For me it’s fundamental to help my athletes having a healthy lifestyle.

I work for the Fire Department, so I look forward when I am off so I can be at the gym training and coaching.

CrossFit it’s how I can stay physically fit to do my very demanding job.

Jaime Steadman

HiiT Coach / Specialty Classes Coach / Personal Trainer


I am a NASM certified personal trainer.

For me fitness is just as important and eating, sleeping and breathing.  Your quality of life dramatically improves both physically and mentally when you consistently make fitness part of your routine!

Favorite movements: burpees and glute bridges.

Kryptonite: wall balls.

I like to coach tough classes for people who need some extra motivation to push themselves!

Outside of the gym you can find me playing games or at my escape room!