About Us

Our Facility

SOS 99 FITNESS is a 5,000 Square Feet facility, entirely Air Conditioned (we love to sweat, but it gets very hot in Florida), with separate and dedicated workout areas - and there is a large outdoor space as well.

A beautiful, clean and safe environment arranged to accommodate the best workouts our athletes can hope for.

We also have a lounge section with products Store and Energy Bar, because after a hard workout the body needs to be replenished to recover faster and get better results.

We Are Fitness

We are committed to making people better. We want everyone to achieve serious results, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.


We believe that it takes a certain level of humility to identify and overcome weaknesses and become great.


Our philosophy is "Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity."

We are passionate about teaching how to do things right (mechanics), perform movements correctly over and over with little to no weight (consistency), and then and only then, encouraging heavier weights or a faster pace. We are here to prepare you for life: and you can't very well be your best at life if you're always injured.

You can be assured that a coach will always be present on the floor, guiding you through your warm-up and workout.


Coaches are available for you to ask questions, and will be giving you feedback and encouragement during your workout. 


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